Baixa Street Fest

Baixa Street Fest is an initiative that aims to promote the culture and street art in the main arteries of downtown Faro, stimulating the interaction of the population with local businesses and public spaces.

Câmara de Faro

Project goals and Creative solution
Baixa Street Fest is an initiative promoted by the Câmara Municipal de Faro, Ambifaro, Associação do Comércio da Baixa de Faro, ACRAL e AHISA and aims to stimulate the downtown Faro nights, during the months of July and August, through a more extended hours of shopping, street entertainment and a set of various cultural initiatives.

For this project, we design and develop the graphic brand, posters, mupis, outdoors, email templates and social networks, increasing social engagement and visitors for this event.

Designers: António Lacerda, Márcia Quintal and Diana Calancia