Atrium – Centro Criativo

Located in one of the most emblematic streets of Faro downtown, the Atrium - Creative Center, was a project devoted to the revitalization of one shopping center, that was closed since ten years ago.

The visual identity developed for the ATRIUM - creative center of downtown Faro, was inspired by the experimentation, building, collaboration, dynamic, forward-thinking and different valences of the creative and cultural projects planned for this space.
The ATRIUM (located in faro downtown) intends to implement and promote initiatives in creative fields (art, design, theater, music, cinema, etc.), such as exhibitions, workshops, pop-up stores, workshops, themed markets and spaces interdisciplinary.

The organizization involved the municipality of Faro, Ambifaro, the AND - National Association of Designers and Cultural Association Palácio do Tenente.
Based on the constant redefinition of the meanings of media and current technologies, a software has been created which allows the generation of dynamic symbols, while building a base structure of a center and projects in various directions and can be applied in a manner dynamics in different center of communication products.

The dynamic identity reflects the opening to the graphics and individual expression of the graphic mark. There is one main base form (symbol), which changes the main form, but is always subsequent any formal connection with the main graphic mark. It comes a prolific exploration of their graphics without losing the visual unit and a desired image.
The typography defined for the project, has aimed to achieve maximum optimization, readability, functionalism and aesthetic functionality.

Based on this systematization, chromatic identity (along with the name, typography, logo and symbol) functions as a distinctive element to identify the brand, and are based on functions and criteria concerning the identification, differentiation, readability, personality, structuring and applicability of the whole concept and communication products creative center of downtown Faro.

Client: Câmara Municipal de Faro - Ambifaro

The team
As we like to work together, and how the project had several phases and focused on various creative fields, we have created a multidisciplinary team involving professional designers, design students, and programming. The objectives were trodden and the results produced interdisciplinary.

Coordination and Communication Design
Antonio Lacerda

Support for the project
Miguel Spinola, Sandrine Martins, Morgan and Pedro Pereira Bastos

Motion Design
Miguel Gomes

Filipe Dias