Algarve Design Meeting

The Algarve Design Meeting is an international event that promotes the areas of Design Communication and Audiovisual.

This event It held's annually in the city of Faro and Loulé. It is organized by the Department of Communication, Arts and Design Algarve, ESEC University and AND - National Association of Designers. Has the institutional support of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve, Faro Municipal Council, Municipal Council of Loulé, University of Tomas Bata -.. Czech Republic, Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic, Zero Museum and under the patronage of His Excellency President.

After four consecutive issues in the Algarve, AND (through an institutional partnership with Inovagaia) implemented in 2014 the Gaia Design Meeting - Industry in Corpus Christi Convent in Gaia. This first edition had the participation of various institutions / industries as are the examples of Galp Energia, BMW, Graham's, BA Vidro, Amorim Cork Composites and AMOP Group.

With the 6th edition of the Algarve, and through the various activities planned at various points of the city of Loulé and Faro (seminars, exhibitions, workshops and videomapping), we aim to further promote the importance of communication design and audiovisual, as areas strategic and key policy for the social, cultural and economic development.

One of the most relevant items of ADM is the Videomapping Festival, which is designed in Church Cathedral in Faro (partnership with between the University of Algarve and the University of Tomas Bata - Czech Republic) where we will present the projects carried out by students the course of Communication Design and Animated Image of the University of Algarve, ESEC, and the students of the Faculty of Communication and Multimedia, University of Tomas Bata - the Czech Republic.

All activities of the previous editions can be found at: