Visual Identity - UAlg

New brand and communication system for University of Algarve

Institutions are made up of a messaging system and complex significant resources (logos, symbols, typography, colors, complementary graphics, acoustic signs, architecture, internal and external communications, etc.), manifested in all and each of the parties, promoting a certain image.

In addition, the current paradigm of corporate communication is based on the information society, the knowledge economy, the expansion and internationalization. In this context, the graphic marks are crucial in the identification, differentiation, recognition and institutional enhancement.

Given the strategic and instrumental importance of these resources, the Visual of the Algarve University Identity is based on communication objectives and values ​​of the institution: "To say the University as an innovative higher education institution, bet on the advancement of knowledge and the development of society, favoring projects transversal theme, its emphasis on internationalization and the consortium calls, and meeting the needs of current and new audiences through teaching and research activities. "

All verbal and visual structure (names, typography, logo, symbol and colors), has been designed to enable proper guidance and implementation in all communication products. A unique graphic language, regardless of the different services or university structures is used, transmitted by all channels of communication, consolidating its image with its specific audiences, creating greater visibility and recognition. Any communication or promotion of the brand is supported by these same principles.