António Lacerda, is a graphic designer, researcher and professor in the Department of Arts, Communication and Design at the University of Algarve, Portugal.

António is the dean of the School of Education and Communication at Algarve University, and commission member in the Master's degree in communication with a focus on design in the tourism and cultural sectors. He received his PhD degree in Communication Design – specializing in visual identity for public sector – from University of Lisbon (2011), and has a post graduate degree in Multimedia Technology from the Faculty of Enginering at University of Porto (2004), and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication design from ESAD – Matosinhos (1996).

He has been a member of Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon since 2007. His research interests focus on visual identity, in particular symbols, logotypes, typographic colours, images and photography – looking at the role that visual identities have in economical, social and cultural development.

He has worked for several graphic design studios in Porto and Lisbon and was the founder of Locomotivo Design, Fuel-Design (Porto) and Design Thinking Studio (Faro).

He has worked on a number of projects, seminars and exhibitions, connecting the fields of communication design and culture. He has published work on communication design, branding, design management, culture and tourism.

He is currently the president of the National Association of Designers in Portugal:

And the ambassador of Design for Europe:
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Selected Projects and Awards

2013 - Finalist in the Contest " BES - Realize Your Dream " by TheBikeType Project. Promoter of urban mobility and visual communication of the bike culture.

2011 - Finalist and one of the winning ideas Contest "Ideas in cash in 2010 " - Ideas for the creation of Innovative Enterprises , organized by the University of Algarve, CRIA and Caixa Geral de Depósitos, with the project: DesignThinking .


2005 - Marcas PT - Graphic Design works published on "PT - Marcas & Trademarks". Publisher: Gustavo Gili - Barcelona - Studio Fuel Design

2005 - Briefing Magazine - Graphic Design works published on "Briefing" - Portuguese magazine, specialized in marketing, publicity, media and communication. Publisher: Media Capital Edições


He's a researcher in design and has been fellow of the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. It is effective investigator member of C.I.A.U.D. - Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design at the University of Lisbon - FA. He made the defense of his PhD thesis in Design in 2011 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon with the title:
Design and Management of Identity, Graphic Brands & Corporate Identity - scientific field of design.

It has participated in several national and international conferences and published several articles on the theme of Identity, Graphic Brand and Image. Develops several papers and research in the area of ​​institutional visual identity, having coordinated the entire visual identity of the re-design work at the University of the Algarve by the Rector's Order 037/2011, applying the research developed in his PhD thesis in Design.

He was coordinator of the entrepreneurship appreciation mission working group (GTE), was part of the Task Force team for the Marketing and Communication at the University of the Algarve and is the current Erasmus coordinator of the ESEC-UAlg.


  • MARKETING AND BRAND DESIGN OF DESTINATION EXPERIENCES: THE ROLE OF ICT Dora Agapito (corresponding author) António Lacerda

    2015-11-03Download pdf

  • QUINTAS DE CULTURA - A Criação Cultural no Algarve

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  • O valor do Design e dos Programas de Imagem Coordenada, na organização, desenvolvimento, competitividade e inovação empresarial Local: APGICO 2008 - International Congress of Creativity and

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  • Proposta de investigação em Design, no âmbito da investigação de Doutoramento, para apresentação a um painel de avaliadores da FCT, no processo de avaliação do CIAUD - Centro de Inves

    2008-02-29Download pdf